Mission Statement

At the call of Jesus Christ, we the people of Fraser Road United Church seek to:

  • Welcome All
  • Strengthen one another
  • Nurture each other in faith
  • Prepare and direct our people into God’s world for service
Jesus, son of God

Let Us Pray

Lord, we offer Fraser Road United Church to you. We are your people and this is your church. We come to you seeking your guidance, your purpose, your vision. Align our will with yours so that we will be able to do whatever it takes to carry out your plan. We ask you to break through in new ways in our church. Show us the great ministry that you have in store for us. Help us to dream your dreams. Pour out your spirit on us, giving us the vision, boldness, and confidence to do all that you call us to do.
Help those who feel hopeless and whose pillows are soaked with tears. Send your spirit to comfort them and minister them back to life.
We pray for those who feel lonely and feel like they don’t matter.
We pray for those who need a financial miracle.
We pray for those who are sick and need healing in their bodies and minds.
We pray for healing in broken relationships and broken hearts.
We pray for our seniors and that you draw near to them each and every day.
Lord, hear all our prayers and help us each and everyone to feel your loving presence in our midst so that we can experience the resounding Peace that only you can give.